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When I tell you everything was pretty close to being perfect about this session - it truly was.

Starting with this gorgeous model, sunny weather, fun accessories and ending at this beautiful location ~ Burr Oak Woods Nature Center in Blue Springs, MO.

When it comes to this theme of a photo shoot, moody was my first thought. Death to her youth - fantastic idea! I could hardly wait to make our vision become reality. Together with my client, we found what she was looking for, collected theme appropriate outfits and accessories and the rest was just a pure fun and lots of LAUGHS!!!

I must admit we had a hard time getting the balloons facing the right way due to wind...

(we are at the border with Kansas at the end of the gets windy here :) ).


I am an "In the MOMENT" kind of photographer. I love capturing mistakes and imperfections!

I am looking for the emotion in what I capture. I want to capture who YOU are.

And I believe I captured how: STRONG, INDEPENDENT, JOYFUL, FEARLESS, FABULOUS and CONFIDENT my client is in this session. It was really fun working together!


Cheers to her 30s !!! Can't wait to capture more beautiful moments with this amazing woman and her fun and loving FAMILY !!!


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